Proof Life After Death Myths

We hope to dispel these ten proof life after death myths to help those who have had after death communication experiences be at peace with the signs they received.

1. After death communications (ADCs) never occur spontaneously.
After death communications do occur most frequently without intervention from the person who is having the experience.

They can occur at all times of the day or night. While some people may use psychics or Ouija boards, all of our responses in our book occurred without the use of such things.

Some people report dreams that are very vivid and real, others have experiences while doing everyday things like driving, cleaning the house, or lying in bed watching television.

2. ADCs only occur in dreams.
While people do have vivid dreams in which the deceased loved one appears to them, many people have auditory experiences (where the deceased speaks to them and they hear their voice), they see their deceased loved one, they smell a favorite cologne or flower the deceased wore or liked, or they sense a peaceful presence in their house or around them and they intuitively know it is their deceased loved one.

3. It’s all in your head.
With experiences that occur without warning, it’s definitely not just an illusion or all in your head. Our deceased friends and loved ones want us to know that they are still with us. They are still watching over us, and they have not left our sides.

They want us to know that their love for us is as strong in the afterlife as it was when they were with us here on earth.

4. You should never tell anyone.
Why not? You should share your experience as it may help other people to express their experiences, too. Many people are afraid to tell people for fear people may not believe them. Unfortunately, many people have had experiences with after death communication from people they love but fear speaking up for fear of being ridiculed.

It’s a gift to know that your loved one is watching over you. Don’t be afraid to share your experience with others for they may have had one, too, but were too afraid to tell anyone.

5. You won’t recognize the signs.
You may think you won’t know when a loved one has made contact, but you usually will have no doubt once you have an experience.

Most people just know it is their deceased friend or loved one. Most people have a sense of extreme peace once the experience is over, and most people say it lessens their fear of death.

6. Your loved one isn’t watching over you.
Your beloved is, indeed, watching over you. Death does not destroy the bond we have with those we love. They love us more in the afterlife as the bonds of anxiety and fear have been loosened and are more powerful and strong in Heaven than they were on earth.

Just because we cannot see our loved ones who have passed on does not mean they have forgotten us. Quite the opposite, they look at us with loving eyes and will stay by our sides until we meet them again.

7. Death destroys love.
Absolutely not. What we love on earth we love from Heaven. Death strengthens loving bonds. Our loved ones did not choose to leave us. They were called home.

They miss us just as much as we miss them. The difference is, they can see us; we cannot see them. Love is a powerful bond that death can never break. They love us more, want us to be happy, and long for the day when we will be together again.

8. It’s a scary experience.
While we can’t speak for experiences with psychics or ouija boards, all respondents to our request for stories for our book were not scared at all. Their experiences were peaceful and very loving.

It gave them reassurance that their loved ones were okay, that they weren’t suffering anymore, and gave them extreme peace knowing that they weren’t alone.

For many, it made them fear death less, and look to a future time where they would be reunited with their loved ones.

9. It only happens a few years after someone dies.
A lot of experiences happen right after a loved one passes on. They want to reassure their loved ones left behind that they are okay, that they are not in pain anymore, and that the survivors should go one with their lives and not grieve for them.

Some experiences occur months later, perhaps when the loved one has been purified and is on the way to a permanent life in Heaven. They want their loved ones to not worry about them, and want them to know they are still by their sides and will continue to watch over them and guide them.

Still others occur years later as a reassurance that they are still with the ones left behind. While some experiences occur because our deceased loved ones need to relay a message to us or need to intercede directly with us.

10. You get one communication and never any more.
Yes, some people may just get one reassuring communication while other people can have many occurrences in a row or spaced out months or years apart.

Know that your friends and loved ones who have passed on are still with you. If you need them, you can call to them and they will give you love and support until it’s time for a never ending meeting where you will be together again.

To The Daddies In Heaven

Happy Father’s Day to my beloved father, Tom.

It seems like yesterday you were here, but then, again, it seems like a long, long time since I’ve seen you. I love you more than anything, and I always will.

I still miss you as much today as I did 18 years ago when you left this earth.

You were my rock and my hero. The best father who ever lived. You were my honey boy.

Mom tells me how she always called you “honey” when I was little, and that I started calling you “Honey Boy”. She said you thought that was the greatest thing ever.

You were the greatest thing ever to us. I miss your great sense of humor.

I miss you tinkering with our cars and fixing everything in the house. You were such a genius with anything – electrical, electronic, building anything, and fixing anything. You were so intelligent with everything.

I just miss you, period. Eventually, the hurt fades away, but it never completely goes away. How can you get over missing someone who you loved more than life itself?

I know you and Holly are up in Heaven watching over mom and me. We know true love never dies.

I know God wanted you so much. How could He not? You were a saint on earth, and I know you are an even bigger saint in Heaven. I’m sure He is honored to have you with Him.

As the angels rejoice for the gift of you, know that I am rejoicing today for the gift of such a wonderful father.

I love you, daddy, and I hope you are having the best Father’s Day ever.

And, to all the beloved daddies up in Heaven, may your Father’s Day be special. May it be filled with love.

And, may you know how much all the heavenly daddies were loved so very much on earth – and how very much you are all missed today.


Many times when I’m in my car driving, at work or at home, I’ll glance at the clock and see the numbers 10:20.

My heart and soul smile as I know my dad is watching over me. That’s my dad’s birthday. Whenever I see those numbers, I think about my dad. It’s a peaceful feeling.

I’ll be busy working, then glance at the lower right hand corner of my computer screen. It’s 10:20 AM. It’s amazing how something so simple can make me feel at peace. I feel a connectedness with my dad and know that he is truly with me wherever I am.

Our loved ones often give us signs that we might miss if we’re not attuned to them. Seeing my dad’s birthday on various clocks has assured me that he’s with me and wants me to know that.

No matter what day of the week, it’s amazing how often I glance at the clock and see those numbers.

A lot of times at night, I’ll get into bed and turn the television on before falling asleep. I’ll casually glance at the clock and there will be 10:20 in red letters on my alarm clock beside my bed. I smile and say, “Hi daddy!”

This past weekend I was driving and glanced at the clock. Yes, you guessed it! It was 10:20!

Our loved ones want us to know that they are still watching over us. They’re aware of everything that goes on in our lives. We can, and should, ask them for signs, but sometimes the signs aren’t something that we were expecting.

It’s important to keep an open mind and heart when searching for signs. Maybe your loved one was a bird watcher and had a favorite bird. Take notice if you see this special bird more often than usual.

Or your loved one had a favorite flower or scent. You may see this flower more often – as you’re driving, out for a walk or even on television.

You may smell their favorite scent. Maybe you notice it in your house one day, or a co-worker wears it.

Maybe your loved one loved butterflies, and you start to see more of them flying past you.

All of these are signs that they are with us. We cannot see them, but they are here.

When you smell their scent, or see their favorite animal or flower, smile and let them know that you are thinking about them and are glad that they are beside you and guiding you.

Once you realize how often our deceased loved ones give us small signs, you’ll be open to receiving these. And you’ll probably notice more of these.

Seeing 10:20 on the clock is almost a regular occurrence for me. It fills me with much peace and love knowing that my dad has never left my side. What better way for him to let me know he is near with those special numbers that are so important to me.

Summer Memories

With Memorial Day in the U.S. being behind us, and the memories of all those who have served in our armed forces honored, we thought this would be a good time for you to share your views with us in our poll.

Send our link to your friends and family so they can share with us, too.

Memorial Day is traditionally a day spent with family and friends. There are lots of parades honoring veterans, events and programs with the focus on military, and lazy days at the beach or amusement park with loved ones.

There are outdoor picnics and barbecues with grilled staples like hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken. Fresh watermelon is scooped out of the rind, homemade macaroni salad is spooned onto plates, and fresh home-brewed iced tea quenches everyone’s thirst.

A lot of people are off of work, and look forward to a relaxing three-day weekend. After all, summer time has begun for many – although summer doesn’t officially begin until mid June!

But Memorial Day is a special day for thanking all those veterans who have fostered our sense of freedom in the U.S. It’s for honoring those who came home and honoring those who gave their lives for our country.

It’s a day of being thankful for our lives, for our family, friends and loved ones in our lives, and for keeping a special place in our hearts for all those men and women who serve their countries throughout the world.

May the special peace, honor and we respect we feel on Memorial Day, live on in our hearts every day of the year.

To all the veterans and their families, thank you for serving your country.

A Real and Touching Vicki

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” is my favorite Housewives show. This latest episode gave me a very real, very touching, and very tender moment in the life of Vicki Gunvalson of RHOC.

I can relate to Vicki in a few ways: we are about the same age, work in the financial industries field and are Catholic. And, we have both lost the one man who loved us the most in our lives – our fathers.

Vicki and I also have some differences. Vicki lives on the west coast; I live on the east coast. Vicki has a daughter, I do not. Vicki is a blond; I am a brunette. But I believe Vicki would be comforted to know that there has been proof of life after death in the form of life after death experiences with our deceased loved ones.

I have had several experiences with my father after he passed away. Perhaps, Vicki has had some occurrences with her beloved father, too.

What was so absolutely touching, poignant and so REAL on Tuesday’s show was Vicki’s openness about the hurt, grief, pain and loss she felt over losing her beloved father. I loved seeing such a real Vicki, and I’m sure a lot of us could identify with her pain.

I want Vicki to know that her dad still loves her very much. He loves her infinitely more than he did while he was on earth. He is still watching over her, guiding her and protecting her. Although Vicki cannot physically see him, he is always with her, and I hope she finds comfort in that.

So many of us who have lost loved ones feel lost,  hopeless, sad and alone. We worry about them, wondering where they are. How they are. They are with us. Love does not die once a loved one leaves this earth. If anything, it grows stronger.

May this message offer comfort, hope, love and encouragement to Vicki and all others who have lost a loved one. May this message help to lessen grief and head you on the path to healing.

Death does not destroy love, it transforms this love into something fall greater than we can ever experience on this earth. It is true lasting love.


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